108 Mala Necklaces


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Mala beads are a string of beads usually 108, 27 or 21 used for keeping count during mantra meditation, setting an intention or healing.

They can be made from Gemstones, Crystals or Semi-Precious Stones to match the intention of your practice.

Traditionally, Malas were placed in shrines in Buddhism and Hinduism as a reminder of affirmations. They are also referred to as Buddhist beads, Buddhist prayer beads.

Kuratif Malas are handmade in Bali with 7-8 mm beads, their shape allows them to glide through your fingers. We have more than 30 types of authentic gemstones and crystals with different energies, properties, and colors so that they can fit your intention.

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Tiger Eye Good Luck Mala, Calm Love Necklace- Rose Quartz and Sandalwood, Heart Chakra Mala- Rhondite, White Howlite Calm Mala Necklace

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